Gnn Dir!

Klick einfach auf den Button "neues Foto zeigen" und ich such Dir aus allen meinen Shootings ein Foto fr Dich aus. Wenn Dich das Foto neugierig auf mehr gemacht hat, klick auf "zum Artikel gehen" und Du kommst direkt zum Shooting.

beer keg workouts for stronger thighs
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An old beer keg is an optimal versatile training utensil for demanding full body workouts which gives you variety of lots of keg exercises. you can start your keg workout with some nice and easy beer keg walks. just deadlift the keg, grip it real tight and start walking.
the beer keg walk is a modification of the traditional farmers walk exercise, which challenges every single muscle in your whole body just like the farmers walk will do, ...

stairway to heaven
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What a hell of a stairway to heaven workout. at first to get the blood pumpin run the 359 steps upstairs as fast as you can. that kicks your heart like a donkey. you can feel your heart pumping, your blood running through your veins, your thighs screaming for mercy.

you reached to top and get rewarded with a breathtaking, fantastic view over the scenery. its time to take all the way downstairs but not on your feet. its time for so...